CraftyPay is a charging and payment method for your electric vehicles. CraftyPay consists of our CraftyPay application, CraftyPay management server and our CraftyPay gateway (hardware component), which can also be retrofitted to existing charging stations. The user only needs his smartphone to use a station. CraftyPay offers an uncomplicated payment process via our CraftyPay application. By scanning the station specific QR code and choosing the desired payment method, your customer is good to go.

Technical specifications

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The charging infrastructure is very simple and does not use OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) for communication. There is no permanent internet connection, which makes the charging process almost completely resistant to hacking attempts. The connection between smartphone and charging station takes place via a temporary WiFi network. In addition, payment is made via our payment provider, Wirecard, who keeps its security standards high. Ultimately, the payment data is only stored locally, i.e. on the user’s own smartphone.

Payment options

The payment provider, Wirecard, provides a variety of payment options. This also includes Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Giro, Paysafecard, Sepa, Paypal and many more. Your customers will be provided with a generous amount of options.


There is also an option to implement advertisements on your individual charging station.

Prices vary depending on the package chosen.

future applications

The use of CraftyPay should not be limited to charging stations and wall boxes.
In the future, we plan to operate coffee machines, snach machines, car washes, parking facilities and many more via our payment system.

On request, individual requirements can also be integrated into the system.

Five steps to your charging station


Enter your desired configuration and you will get an insight into amortization, investment costs and other data about your settings.