CraftyPay is a charging and payment solution for electric vehicles. No fuel card is required, instead we rely on something you probably carry with you at all times already, your smartphone! With our CraftyPay application, charing your electric vehicle has never been easier.

Our features

One application for all charging stations

The endless search for the right charging card comes to an end. Because our gateway is compatible with almost all e-charging stations.

Choose from a variety of payment options

Our payment provider, Wirecard, offers you a variety of payment options. From Mastercard to PayPal, you're sure to find a fitting option.

Free application

Our CraftyPay application is entirely free and available for Apple and Android devices.


It takes but a few clicks to charge your vehicle. A clear user interface ensures minimal effort.

Secure payment system

Our charging stations are not accessible from the internet and therefore cannot be hacked. In addition, Wirecard regularly maintains the security standards of their payment options to ensure your security.

Free application updates

To keep you up-to-date with our latest standards, all of our application updates are free.

Not just limited to charging stations and wallboxes...

…, but also usable for coffee machines, snack machines and washing and parking facilities. All available via one app, everything on your smartphone!

That's how it works